RSVP now for LGBTQ Family Camp Day – August 22 2015 at Camp Naivelt, just outside Brampton!

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Join the LGBTQ Parenting Network for our Family Camp Day at Camp Naivelt, just outside Brampton on Saturday, August 22, 2015!

This fun-filled family oriented day will include activities for LGBTQ parents and their kids of all ages, from babies to adults.

Join us on the bus from Sherbourne Health Centre or meet us at Camp Naivelt.

Your RSVP by August 3, 2015 will help us plan for bussing and parking

Camp Naivelt is a left-wing, secular Jewish camping community.  For more information about Camp Naivelt, visit their webpage or this Wikipedia entry or this article from Orion Magazine.

Camp Day Schedule – Saturday August 22, 2015

10:00 AM Bus to Camp – leaves from Sherbourne Health Centre
If you are joining us on the bus, please arrive at Sherbourne Health Centre by 9:45 AM 

10:45 AM Arrive at Camp Naivelt
If you are joining us at Camp, please arrive no earlier than 11:00 AM.

11:00 AM Welcome and tour of Camp Naivelt

11:30 – 1:00 PM Picnic
Please bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy at Camp Naivelt
(Please do not bring food contaning nuts!)

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Aquafit & Pool time
The pool will be available all afternoon, but from 1:00 – 2:00 PM it is reserved for exclusive use by Camp Naivelt, including our group, and it is open to the general public later in the day. Adults are invited to participate in Aquafit class or to enjoy the shallow end of the pool with their kids.

All Afternoon:

  • Swimming at the pool
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Self-guided hikes
  • Wading, playing, and floating in the Credit River
  • Crafts
  • Group Games
  • Explore El Dorado Park next door
  • Chill Zone – Youth retreat space and hang out time
  • Quiet Space – place for young children and toddlers to enjoy a break, have a nap, or read a story (parent/caregiver supervision required)
  • Connect with other parents
Older kids and youth may be able to do some activities on their own or with minimal guidance and supervision.  During our visit to Camp Naivelt, children are the responsibility of their parents and caregivers – the LGBTQ Parenting Network staff cannot provide supervision but we will have some staff on hand to help younger kids participate in games and activities.

5:30 PM Dinner – provided by LGBTQ Parenting Network
We are delighted to serve a catered dinner of falafel, chicken, pita, rice, hummus, and other toppings.  We do our best to provide gluten and dairy free and vegetarian options for our guests.

Your RSVP helps us plan for your family’s needs – please get in touch with us if you have specific dietary concerns.

7:00 PM Community Performance SPECIAL GUEST – to be announced!
We will be joined by members of the Camp Naivelt community for a family and kid-friendly performance.

8:30 PM Departure
After the community performance, we’ll say our goodbyes to Camp Naivelt and get back on the bus to Sherbourne Health Centre. We expect to be back for 9:15 PM.

What to Bring?

  • Sun stuff – sunscreen, hats, long shirts
  • Swim stuff – swim suits, towels, a bag for wet clothes, river shoes
  • PFDs or lifejackets for small children – please note the waterfront is not lifeguarded
  • Extra clothes – just in case
  • Something warm – it could be chilly in the evening
  • Something snuggly – it’s nice to snuggle up in a sleeping bag or blanket if you are need to nap during the day or if you might fall asleep on the bus home
  • Bug stuff – it could get buggy, consider bug repellant
  • Food (nut free) – Please bring your own picnic lunch, snacks, and additional foods that your family will enjoy.
  • Cutlery, dishes for dinner – We will be serving food on paper plates – please feel invited to bring your own reusable cups, plates and cutlery if you can.  We try to limit our environmental impact by using compostable plates, cups, and cutlery as much as possible, but we cannot completely eliminate disposables for a gathering of this size.

Please do not bring products containing nuts out of concern for the safety of those with life-threatening or other serious allergies.

Register by August 3, 2015 to help us plan for your family’s needs!

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