Participate in Research

One of our goals is to encourage more research on LGBTQ parenting and families. We invite LGBTQ people to consider participating in research that may be of benefit to our communities.

Research Listings

There are no research listings at this time.
Rainbow Health Ontario also promotes research that supports the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ people in Ontario.

LGBTQ health research gives us accurate information about the health and health care needs of LGBTQ people, enabling policy makers and health care providers to respond to the health needs of our communities.

Please visit their Research page to learn more.


The research projects listed here have been reviewed by the LGBTQ Parenting Network, following Sherbourne Health Centre’s research policy, and we support the broad goals and objectives of these projects.

If you participate in a research study and you have concerns about the collection or use of the information you provided, we encourage you to contact the researcher or the ethics review committee at their institution.

If you have a research project you would like to submit, please review our procedures for listing calls for participants.