Register Now for Winter 2015 Family Planning Courses

We’re very excited to be offering Queer & Trans Family Planning as a 12 week course for the first time!

This course is specifically for people of diverse family structures and identities, including gender queer, trans, bisexual, poly, pan or omni-sexual, dyke, butch, femme, boi, lesbian, gay, queer, or other, and their partners.

The goal of all of our LGBTQ Family Planning courses is for participants to explore practical, emotional, social, financial, medical and legal issues related to becoming a parent. Find information, clarify needs and decisions, and build community.

For Winter 2015, we have three courses available:

Queer & Trans Family Planning and Daddies & Papas 2B will each be offered as 12 week courses, starting in on February 18, 2015 they will meet from 7:00 – 9:30 PM at The 519, through May 6, 2015.

Dykes Planning Tykes is being offered as a weekend course, April 17-19 at Sherbourne Health Centre.

More details about all the courses is on the course registration page.  Please check it out, and register online.

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 LGBTQ family planning courses are joint programs of Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 and the LGBTQ Parenting Network at Sherbourne Health Centre.


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