Our Work

We collaborate in community-based research projects. These projects arise out of a need identified by our communities, which informs research on a specific topic. Our resources are informed by this research and the experiences of LGBTQ parents and their children. We offer educational workshops on LGBTQ parenting for professionals and students in parenting and child-related fields, for LGBTQ parents and prospective parents. More information is available on our training page. All of our work promotes public awareness of LGBTQ parenting, and celebrates the diversity of families in Canada.

  • Info sheet on Fertility Preservation for Trans People

  • Fertility Preservation for Trans People

    This section includes two information sheets from our LGBTQ Reproductive Options series to help guide trans people considering fertility preservation: one for people who produce eggs, the other for people who produce sperm. We developed the two sheets with the help of members of our communities and the fertility industry.

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  • Assisted Human Reproduction

    We have participated in a wide range of advocacy and research projects to guide policy makers and legal decisions in the area of assisted human reproduction. We have done collaborative work with the LGBTQ/AHRA Working Group, the Creating Our Families Advisory Committee, and the staff and students of the Re:searching for LGBTQ Health team.

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  • Father Visibility Working Group

    Gay/Bi/Queer (GBQ) fathers are under-represented in all forms of research. In 2004, the Father Involvement Research Alliance’s (FIRA) GBQ Fathers Cluster undertook a unique opportunity to explore father involvement and the experiences of three groupings of GBQ men.

  • Birth Registration in Ontario - thumbnail of info sheet

  • Parental Recognition

    This set of public legal education resources helps LGBTQ parents understand legal recognition of parents in Ontario, find out what options are available to them, and pursue legal recognition of their families.

    Appropriate and accurate family recognition is always in children’s best interests.

    These materials will help you understand birth registration, second parent adoption and declaration of parentage in Ontario.

  • Reinventing the Family Day Tree

  • Reinventing the Family Tree

    In 2011, as part of our celebration of Ontario’s third annual Family Day, the LGBTQ Parenting Network invited you to redesign and reinvent the family tree grade school exercise. Here are some great exercises to include all children.

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  • Trans Parenting

    We have completed a number of projects on trans parenting, including the film Transforming Families, the Transforming Family Report, and our Trans Family Law Project.