OHIP Funding for IVF Supports LGBTQ Parents

OHIP funding for IVF supports LGBTQ parents

Increased access to IVF will benefit many prospective parents

TORONTO October 1, 2015  – Health Minister Eric Hoskins announced expanding access to fertility services in Ontario. Funding for IVF in Ontario makes fertility care more accessible to LGBTQ prospective parents.

“We were delighted to be part of the expert advisory panel on IVF funding,” said Andy Inkster, Health Promoter with the LGBTQ Parenting Network, “we fully support the evidence based recommendations of the panel and the decision to extend OHIP funding for IVF.”

Currently, Ontario funds fertility diagnosis and some treatments. Expanding access to IVF is based on evidence that it will lead to better outcomes for children born through assisted human reproduction by reducing the number of multiple births.

“This funding will help prospective parents make choices that support their health and their children’s health,” said Inkster “funding for single embryo transfers will allow prospective parents to focus on making health care decisions, above financial decisions.”

The increased funding will also make IVF available to more parents. “Prospective parents considering fertility treatment are very concerned about the cost of care. The cost is a significant barrier to many families. This funding will make it possible for more people to pursue parenthood,” reports Inkster.

About LGBTQ Parenting Network and the Sherbourne Health Centre

The LGBTQ Parenting Network is a program of Sherbourne Health Centre. The LGBTQ Parenting Network supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer parenting through training, research, resource development, and community organizing.

Sherbourne Health Centre is a leading provider of quality health care and transformative support to people who face social, economic and other systemic barriers.   Our mission is to advance the equity and quality of care and services and to improve health for underserved communities.

We serve the City of Toronto and our services are open to everyone. We emphasize serving homeless and under-housed people, newcomers to Canada and lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities and residents of our downtown east neighbourhood.

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Contact: Andy Inkster, Health Promoter, LGBTQ Parenting Network, Sherbourne Health Centre, 416-324-4100 ext. 5276


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