Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series: LGBTQ Adoption

Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series: LGBTQ Adoption

This brochure describes the adoption process for LGBTQ identified individuals in Ontario, Canada.

Author: LGBTQ Parenting Network Source: LGBTQ Parenting Network Website: http://www.lgbtqparentingconnection.ca Journal: Journal Details: Origin Country: Canada Publish Date: 2009 Publication City: Toronto Languages: .Type: , .Topics: .Targets: , , , , , , , . Last Modified: 2014-10-18


This brochure in the Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series outlines different types of adoption (public, private, international), a guide to the adoption process, issues related to race and culture, and challenges and positive experiences that LGBTQ people may face in the adoption process. Includes list of LGBTQ parenting and adoption resources.

Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series, developed collaboratively by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Sherbourne Health Centre, The 519 Community Centre and Rainbow Health Ontario.