Newman – Goldfarb Lactation Protocols

Newman – Goldfarb Lactation Protocols

Clinical guidelines for those who wish to induce lactation or re-lactate.

Author: Jack Newman Lenore Goldfarb Source: Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation Website: Journal: Journal Details: Origin Country: Publish Date: 2002 Publication City: Languages: .Type: , , , .Targets: , , , . Last Modified: 2016-08-12


The accelerated and typical protocols use a combination of hormonal preparation, herbs and physical stimulation for inducing lactation if the person who wishes to lactate has not been pregnant.

Clinical guidelines for “The Regular Lactation Induction Protocol” are suitable for parents with a long lead time.

Clinical guidelines for “The Accelerated Protocol” are suitable for parents who have little time to prepare, or for those who wish to re-lactate.

It is significantly easier to induce lactation if you have successfully lactated following a previous pregnancy. Cis and trans women and trans men may be able to induce lactation with preparation.

Unless you are re-lactating, it is unlikely you will be able to meet all of an infant’s nutritional needs after inducing lactation.

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The Newman-Goldfarb protocols were developed from information published in Dr. Newman’s book “Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding” (Harper-Collins, 2000).