A Gay Couple’s Journey through Surrogacy: Intended Fathers

A Gay Couple’s Journey through Surrogacy: Intended Fathers

This book is a deeply personal account of the trials and tribulations of surrogacy for a gay couple.

Author: Michael Menichiello Source: Routledge: A Part of the Taylor & Francis Group Origin Country: United States Publish Date: 2006 Publication City: New York, NY Languages: .Type: , .Topics: .Targets: , , , . Last Modified: 2009-08-12


Surrogacy’s been coldly and unjustifiably called “baby buying” and “baby selling” and many states have banned it. But those insensitive terms do not tell the inspiring tale of a couple fiercely wanting to become parents. A Gay Couple’s Experience with Surrogacy: Intended Fathers is the moving true story of a gay couple’s decision to have their child through a surrogate mother. With humor and emotion, the author traces their intense experience from the initial decision to have a child through surrogacy on through the entire pregnancy and birth. A Gay Couple’s Journey Through Surrogacy chronicles this couple’s no-holds-barred account of the emotional toll, the legal matters, the financial concerns, and the ultimate fulfillment of parenting a child.

164 pages
$39.95 paper
ISBN: 9780789028204