Dykes Planning Tykes Film

Dykes Planning Tykes: Queering the Family Tree Film

Directed by Nancy Nicol and Mary J. Daniel

Thirty years ago lesbian mothers were losing their children in court. Those wanting to become parents were denied access to reproductive technologies and had no legal rights. Faced with difficult barriers, lesbians and queer-identified women took matters into their own hands, finding ways to bring children into their lives and in the process reinventing notions of the family

Dykes Planning Tykes: Queering the Family Tree, explores the profoundly transformative impact of a modest community-based course for lesbian/bi/queer women considering parenthood. Since its inception in Toronto, Canada in 1997, the Dykes Planning Tykes course has inspired people across the LGBTQ spectrum to embrace their rightful place in the world of parenting. Touching on key aspects of the history of lesbians and queer women as parents, and incorporating home videos, historical footage and new interviews with key players, this hour-long film explores issues, dilemmas and decisions facing queer people wanting to be parents, and celebrates the ways we are queering the family tree!

Dyke Planning Tykes: Queering the Family Tree premiered at Toronto’s Inside Out Film and Video Festival on May 28, 2011.

2011, 60 min.

Producer: Nancy Nicol

Directors: Nancy Nicol & Mary J. Daniel

History of Dykes Planning Tykes

Dykes Planning Tykes was developed by Rachel Epstein and Kathie Duncan in 1997 and ran for the first time through the Queer Exchange, a Toronto community-based queer educational project sponsored by the Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies. Over the next several years the course was held in various community settings, including the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and The 519 Church St. Community Centre.

Dykes Planning Tykes is currently run as part of a series of LGBTQ Family Planning Courses, which are a joint program of LGBTQ Parenting Network (Sherbourne Health Centre) and Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 Community Centre.