Our directory lists health, legal, and social service providers as well as programs that have expressed a commitment to providing competent and welcoming care to LGBTQ parents, prospective parents, and their children.

While the emphasis is on listings within the greater Toronto area, it includes listings from across Ontario.

Many families are unsure where to start to find LGBTQ competent lawyers, family doctors, fertility clinics, adoption professionals, doulas, midwives, or child care workers. This directory allows LGBTQ people to search for providers within their geographic area who have experience working with our communities.

Rainbow Health Ontario provides a similar directory which includes only health and social service providers across Ontario.

Next Wave Doula Care

Next Wave Doula Care
Next Wave Doula Care
Hamilton, ON and GHTA
CAPPA trained Labour and Postpartum Doula
Full Spectrum Doula Support, primarily postpartum parent and infant care.

Modern Doulas are often recognized for labour and immediate postpartum support work, and can be an excellent resource for pregnant people who have an OB or a midwife providing medical care. Full spectrum doulas, however, go beyond these typical roles and provide knowledge and support for the full spectrum of reproductive system health. Doulas are not clinicians - they are knowledge keepers, "aunties", or caregivers with shoulders to lean into when you need support.

I have been trained through CAPPA and am working toward certification as a Certified Postpartum Doula. My postpartum practice focuses on supporting clients through the immediate postpartum period for the birthing person, infant, and/or new family. I assist with infant care, feeding support (whether it is establishing chestfeeding, assisting with milk pumping, preparing formula, or any combination therein) , household maintenance, meal planning and preparation, running errands, gathering resources for issues that come up, establishing new routines, and making time for exercise and rest.

I also extend these same practices to adoptive families, surrogates, pregnant people on bedrest, and also any non-clinical post-operative support the client needs. As a full spectrum doula, I offer customized support for clients experiencing miscarriage, abortion, gynecological procedures and gender transition.

Low cost/sliding scale, Fee for service
Self referral
Men, Women, Trans people, Children, Youth, Adults, LGBT parents, Family members of LGBT people, Two-Spirit, Intersex, People Living with Disabilities, Racialized Communities

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