Mommies & Mamas 2B

Mommies & Mamas 2B

Please note this course used to be known as Dykes Planning Tykes – the course will be offered in Winter 2018 under the new name for the first time.

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  • A twelve week or one weekend course for lesbian, gay, bi, and queer women who are considering parenthood. All the courses are trans-inclusive.

    This course emphasizes insemination with sperm from a known or unknown donor, and includes some information about adoption and co-parenting.

    Through selected resources and discussions with industry guests, parents, partners and peers, explore practical, emotional, social, ethical, financial, medical and legal issues related to becoming a parent. Find information, clarify needs and decisions, and build community.

    Topics Include:

          • Fertility awareness, insemination procedures and pre-natal care options
          • Everything you ever wanted to ask about sperm
          • Parenting arrangements
          • Adoption 101
          • The Heart Connection: Non-biological and adoptive parenting
          • Legal Issues
          • Self-Advocacy: Building our
          • confidence and our communities
          • What about the kids?
          • Next steps

Upcoming Offerings:

Current listings are on our What’s On page.

The 2SITLGBQ+ Family Planning Courses are developed in partnership with collaborators in the broader community.

The courses are programs of the LGBT2SQ Parenting Network at Sherbourne Health Centre.