Celebrating LGBTQ Parenting

  • We celebrate LGBTQ parents and the diversity of family structures in all of our work. Organizations and service providers who celebrate LGBTQ parenting and celebrate diversity in families are often looking for resources to help them. This page will help you join us in celebrating the diversity of LGBTQ parents and their families.

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Preconception to Preschool

Welcoming and Celebrating Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Families from Preconception to Preschool This resource is specifically designed for the needs of professionals working with children and families from the time when they first start imagining and building their families, through early childhood, and up to the school years.

Registered Early Childhood Educators in Ontario have a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that requires RECEs to work inclusively with the children and families from diverse families and to respect each child’s own gender and sexuality. Learn more in our library.

LGBTQ Children’s Book List


Including books that feature positive LGBTQ characters and storylines will help you celebrate LGBTQ parents and the diversity of families, children, and caregivers in your programming and in your life. It is important that children encounter families like theirs, as well as families that are different from theirs, in books, stories, songs, games and videos. Our Children’s Book List was compiled in 2012 with the support of children’s bookstores, local libraries, online listings and special support from the Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 Community Centre.  We continue to update the list as time goes on, and we encourage suggestions of additions to make. At the bottom is a short list of bookstore in Toronto where these books may be found.  Your local library may have these books already. If they don’t, ask your local children’s librarian if they can order these books for their collection. Additional suggestions, links, and a more visual display, as well as videos of people reading some of the stories are available on our Pinterest board Children’s Book List.

Family Day

The first Monday in February has been designated as Family Day in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan, while in British Columbia, it is the second Monday in February. Family Day is a great day to spend with your family, and to join us to celebrate LGBTQ families in our communities. In the lead up to Family Day, organizations and community programs may wish to place special emphasis on the diversity of families their organization serves.

Download the poster - Library

Download the poster – Library

International Family Visibility Day

The first Sunday in May has been designated International Family Equality Day; in Canada, the LGBTQ Parenting Network has led this initiative as International Family Visibility Day. There are many days of significance for families in the spring, along with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the United Nations has designated May 15 the International Day of Families. Celebrating International Family Visibility Day provides an opportunity for organizations such as community centres and parenting groups to signal their LGBTQ inclusion. We have developed the International Family Visibility Day poster, which is available in our library, as a way for organizations and service providers to promote this day as an opportunity to celebrate all people who raise children. For more information about International Family Equality Day, please visit the International Family Equality Day website.

If you are planning an event in Ontario for Family Day, or Family Visibility Day, or any other day of significance for LGBTQ families, please e-mail lgbtqpn@sherbourne.on.ca to include it on our calendar of events. For details on our International Family Visibility Day event, please visit: What’s On