Announcing: Second Parent Adoption – an info sheet for LGBTQ Parents in Ontario

Second Parent Adoption in Ontario thumbnailThe newest info sheet in our LGBTQ Parental Recognition series is now available. Please download it from our library.

Second Parent Adoption joins Birth Registration in Ontario as the second info sheet in this series.

A complete overview of the series is available.

This new info sheet Second Parent Adoption in Ontario offers clear legal information for LGBTQ parents and prospective parents who have questions about what second parent adoption is, what it does, and how they can make sure their family is legally recognized.

Not all parents need to do a second parent adoption – so read the sheet, and find out if this legal process can benefit your family.

The info sheet provides legal information, but not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer. A list of family lawyers with LGBTQ family law experience is available through our directory.

We are very grateful to Michael Morgenthau and Kathryn Palumbo, two law students at the University of Toronto who volunteered with us for a year through Pro Bono Students Canada, and contributed enormously to these resources.

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