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Please note that Daddies & Papas 2B is full for Winter 2017.

Dykes Planning Tykes will not be offered as a spring weekend. Queer & Trans Family Planning is available to participants of various identities and social locations.

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To submit a listing for an event, please e-mail lgbtqpn@sherbourne.on.ca

The LGBTQ Parenting Network reserves the right to refuse any content submission which it considers inappropriate and inconsistent with our standards of providing an LGBTQ positive program informed by an anti-oppression framework.

Events posted are typically those that are of interest to LGBTQ parents, their children, and families. Events which are recruiting participants for research or for media participation require prior authorization. Events promoting a commercial product or service are typically not posted.

We offer this calendar as a community building tool, unfortunately, errors may occur, and events may not occur as scheduled. While we strive for accuracy and completeness, the LGBTQ Parenting Network cannot be held responsible for any omissions, errors, or inaccuracies.