Birth Registration Forms

Birth Registration Forms

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Follow the instructions on the forms carefully, you may wish to refer to our page on parental recognition which has detailed instructions for completing the forms.

When your application is complete, mail the complete package, including relevant supporting documents, to ServiceOntario using the instructions on the forms.

The PDF birth registration will allow you to register with inclusive parental titles (mother, father, parent), register one, two, three or four parents, register a birth through surrogacy, and register a child with a single name if your child is eligible.

All births in Ontario can now be registered on one of the following forms:

  • Statement of Live Birth (1 or 2 parents)
  • Statement of Live Birth (with 3 or 4 parents)

Please note that if you choose to use the online 4-in-1 Newborn Bundle, instead of these forms, you will not have any choice of parental title, you will be identified as Mother and Father/Other Parent.

Parent(s) who do not wish to have the terms ‘mother’ and ‘father/other parent’ appear on their child’s birth registration must fill out the PDF form. When filling out the forms, parents can choose to be identified as ‘mother’, ‘father’ or ‘parent’.

To register a birth through surrogacy, you will need one of the above, and you will also need the statutory declaration forms:

  • Statutory Declaration by Surrogate
  • Statutory Declaration by Intended Parents